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Books, books, and more books

So first of all George R.R. Martin announced on his blog that's not a blog that he was going to sell off some autographed copies of anthologies he's had a hand in editing. My inner fangirl immediately hyperventilated and let out quite the high pitched squeal prior to keeling over from lack of oxygen. But then calm rational me logged into paypal in record time to order said autographed books. If I can cross it, then it's crossed, that I got my request in there in time before all the copies he has are gone. It was only an hour and a half after the announcement so I'm hopeful. I'm also watching paypal to see if the payment is claimed and my inbox like a hawk of course. Turns out I don't have as much of a leash on fangirl me as I thought. ;)

Secondly, in said George R.R. Martin post he mentions the vast amount of books he has threatening to overtake his homes. Which is something that has been weighing on my mind (no pun intended) recently as well due to a recent conversation I had with a family member in which they informed me that I have too many books. I was going to post a complimentary picture of my bookshelves to support this post but alas my cell phone is a tard that has randomly purged it's pictures. Again.

Currently I have 729 books on my shelves NOT including the 30 or so that were not in the Goodreads database when I cataloged my library NOT including my children's books NOT including my antique books NOT including the dozen or so that recently have been purchased but not yet cataloged. And of course not including the 200 or so on my Nook (which truly are 98% free undiscovered writers or classic literature). My library feels scarce to me. All this and that was AFTER purging 9 boxes of books when I moved two-ish years ago. Of the physical books that are NOT reference books, yes I've read 95% to 98% of them. There are a handful that I haven't dove into yet but frankly there are only so many hours in the day. A great many of them are series, better than half I would say. And each is dearly loved for one reason or the other. Too MANY books? Nay, not ENOUGH books!

Finally, I personally find it interesting that I adore the 'Song of Ice and Fire' series not only for the story and the characters but also for the vast detail he puts into the world. Not to say that George R.R. Martin and Stephen King are anywhere near the same caliber but I abhor Stephen King's novels (love the movies) for the fact that he puts too much detail in his worlds. I haven't tried my hand at a Stephen King novel in well over a decade although I did pick several up at a used bookstore recently. I may have to try him again for the occasional bit of trashy escapism.

Sadly, the Stephen King novels were only a quarter a piece as my favorite used bookstore is going out of business. The same little old lady that has worked there for the past 20+ years, and I quote, is "just plan tired" so she's "closing up shop". There were only three used bookstores in the immediate area. The Bookworm, which is the aforementioned shop, is in the process of closing. Polly's Paperbacks just recently closed it's doors. The Booktrader is still holding on for dear life thankfully. And then there was one. Certainly there are several in the city of St. Louis but I don't want to have to drive into the city if I don't have to. It was much more pleasant to have local options, the hunt is half the fun.

EDIT:: George R.R. Martin (ok probably his assistance but let me bast for a moment) just accepted my payment for the three anthologies autographed by the man himself (George, not his assistant) and personally inscribed to yours truly!!!!!!! I feel like Golem at the end of Lord of the Rings when he got the ring back!!!! And yes, I truly do need to get out more. ***fangirlsqueal***



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